Work Requests in Tampa

LRE Restoration Services, LLC is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tampa. Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC's recent work requests in Tampa and nearby areas!

Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC'S recent work requests in Tampa, FL
Vicinity of West Hanna Ave in Tampa
When the house was inspected, the inspector noted that the foundation needed to be shored up. This is a 1920's home and is on pier and beam.
Vicinity of Ayrshire Dr in Tampa
I'm looking for someone to grind concrete on my walkway in Westchase. Thanks!
Vicinity of N. Ola Ave. in Tampa
I have a patio approximately 12' x 8' that has sunk down on one end about 4-5" I want to expand my patio but cant do so until the current slab is leveled
Vicinity of Felspar Way in Tampa
Just poured new concrete driveway and sidewalk on Saturday. Am interested in sealing before I use it.
Vicinity of in Tampa
Requesting a quote for a 10x8 concrete slab for a shed.
Vicinity of S Packwood Ave in Tampa
3' x 16' next to back alley where garbage cans sit. Presently dirt with brick border. Want to remove border, remove 2" of dirt, lay concrete pavers.
Vicinity of E Patterson St in Tampa
Looking to remove small wood deck and add a small patio in my backyard.
Vicinity of JAMAICA AV in Tampa
We are experiencing a high humidity throughout the house. We've had the HVAC system checked out and some adjustments are being made. We had mold issues which are also bein addressed. Everything was caused due to the high humidity, which now is starting to make the floors warp, so our general contractor recommended you so you could assess our crawlspace and provide with a solution to the problem, we don't know if we need vapor barrier, mechanical fans or other stuff such as whole home dehumidifier as we believe the AC repairs are not going to be enough (we shall see).
Vicinity of Sheldon West in Tampa
Water getting under the house and the bottom not being sealed to water vapors rising up through the insulation and floor.
Vicinity of W Idlewild Ave in Tampa
Need a double wide concrete driveway poured. roughly 20x40. Existing home, currently has 2 concrete tracks with dirt. in between and on sides.
Vicinity of W Kirby St in Tampa
Humidity,moldy smell
Vicinity of Seminole Ave in Tampa
We own a 110 house historic home in Seminole Heights. Foundation and some minor repairs conducted 20 or so years in the past. I guess time to have a look at it again.
Vicinity of E Chelsea St in Tampa
Sagging floor leaving gap under front door
Vicinity of E. Riverhills Dr. in Tampa
Saghing floor in midfle between kitchen y living room
Vicinity of West Morrison in Tampa
We need a moister barrier installed under our home.
Vicinity of S. Fremont Ave in Tampa
The walkway at my house has two trip hazards that need grinding. I can email pics to you.
Vicinity of S Kelly RD in Tampa
My subfloor/foundation is just dirt and I live in a 1500' sq ft rancher in south Tampa. My hardwood floors are buckling and now have worries about mold, etc. I'm going to be ripping up all of my floors and replacing and would like to address the crawlspace while my family is out of the house.
Vicinity of Gretna Green Dr. in Tampa
Pool patio.. erosion / cracks in concrete
Vicinity of W Indiana Ave in Tampa
Hello, I'd like to have someone stop by and take a look at my driveway. One of the sections of concrete is elevated about 3-4" due to nearby Oak tree roots. The tree is now about 60 years old, and has reached maturity so I should not have to worry about this in the future.
Vicinity of W Peninsular St in Tampa
We have a 1926 home. We found out we have moisture problems in the crawl space under the house. We would like a quote for a moisture barrier to prevent further damage.
Vicinity of W El Prado Blvd in Tampa
I would obtain a quote for widening, by 1-2 feet, my existing driveway. I would also like a quote to add a walkway from the driveway to the side fence door. I PREFER NOT TO RECEIVE TELEPHONE CALLS AFTER 5:00 PM. EMAIL ME AT ANY TIME
Vicinity of Glenmont Dr in Tampa
I am looking to pour a small 3ft x 5ft x 4in slab on side of house and add a concrete extension/walkway to each side of driveway. One side will be 20ft-4in x 18in x 4in and the second side will be 16ft-6in x 2ft-6in x 4in.
Vicinity of E Hugh St in Tampa
I'd like to get a quote for a floor jacking on a house with crawlspace.
Vicinity of Pictorial Park Dr in Tampa
Repair/resurface concrete patio slab
Vicinity of E Adamo Dr in Tampa
Grind 5,000 SF concrete warehouse floor
Vicinity of West Comanche Ave in Tampa
We are having cracks around the house (outside) and the front porch floor it has a crack that has gotten bigger
Vicinity of Idlewood Drive in Tampa
Looking for a estimate for a 25 x 25 foot slab to be used as a basketball court.
Vicinity of N Ola Ave in Tampa
Hello, I trust you are doing well. I need 6 helical piers sunk for a shedI am building. Can you please give me an idea of what that will cost? Thanks, John
Vicinity of Chariton Ave in Tampa
I need a new driveway for my house and new pathway leading up to the front door. Driveway dimensions 20 x 35
Vicinity of in Tampa
Floor looks like it's sloping. The house was built in 1946. The house is in need of lots of TLC. There might also be structural issues.
Vicinity of in Tampa
I put up an 18x41 enclosed shed currently sits on a slab of crushed asphalt. I want to put concrete down as floor base leveled out.
Vicinity of W Gray St in Tampa
I was wondering if I can get a quote to level the foundation of my home. Its a wood framed house with a crawlspace and it seems like two piers may be either sinking or lacking some type of support. I appreciate your help.
Vicinity of Mifflin Court in Tampa
Area of driveway has sunk, need old concrete removed, fill dirt to level area and install new concrete. looking for quote, ready to begin project
Vicinity of Pontiac Dr in Tampa
We are looking to poor a concrete path around the back of our house. The path would also inclue a slab roughly 5 feed wide by 25 foot long that would be on the outside of our lanai.
Vicinity of E Chelsea St in Tampa
Need a 30/30 concrete slab poured
Vicinity of W San Luis in Tampa
We would like a quote for a vapor barrier in the crawl space of a home my client is under contract to purchase.
Vicinity of Bayshore Blvd in Tampa
We want to replace our driveway with new concrete
Vicinity of W Dryad St in Tampa
Front steps, front walkway, driveway and side patio - need to be redone/match.
Vicinity of in Tampa
I would like to know the price for a 1300sq foot concrete foundation
Vicinity of W. Santiago in Tampa
Block house with crawl space. Sagging. Looks like support underneath has toppled over.
Vicinity of W Indiana Ave in Tampa
Concrete patio ( original pour circa 1961 ?) at rear of my house appears to have sunk approx 3/4" sink I had concrete poured on flanking sides 5 years ago. Now slopes toward house rather than away, causing water pools and surface mold/algae growth. Do you also resurface concrete ? There are areas of spalling and cracks.
Vicinity of Woodacre Lane in Tampa
Would like a quote on pavers on my back patio
Vicinity of Yosemite Drive in Tampa
The concrete by my pool is sunk down and we need it pumped up to match the level of the concrete around it
Vicinity of Lakewood Avenue in Tampa
We need a patio (12x12) and a driveway.
Vicinity of Casey Road Extension in Tampa
Vicinity of Rosemary Drive in Tampa
Saw off part of old patio size 12' x 8'. Replace with new concrete.
Vicinity of N Rocky Point Dr in Tampa
I need to level a Generator Pad at a Commercial Office Building. Can you help?
Vicinity of Bayboro Bridge Dr in Tampa
Concrete on driveway is cracked and lifting. Need to fix or replace part of driveway. Thanks
Vicinity of N Bask Dr in Tampa
I need to make my existing driveway wider and I want to make a circular driveway connect to it.
Vicinity of West San Rafael St. in Tampa
Oak tree roots lifting up part of concrete driveway
Vicinity of Esprit Drive in Tampa
Several sidewalks through out the community need to be repaired or grind.
Vicinity of W Chelsea in Tampa
I have a 9'x16'x2" slab in my back yard that used to be the foundation for a garage. The garage is gone and the slab is in bad shape but I would like to pour a 10'x20'x4" slab on top so I can rebuild the garage. There is a driveway going to the garage but it is much too small for a cement truck. Please let me know if this is something you would be able to do.
Vicinity of St Conrad in Tampa
Need some support work under older house, some joists need repair/sistering and check piers, one of them is turned over on it's side. Looking to level and prepare for the rest of the remodeling. We will be removing flooring so you may be able to have easier access to do the job
Vicinity of W San Rafael Street in Tampa
My floor in my bedroom corner is drooping down. Tui ou guys did a great job and I suspect my problem now is not related to your work. The floor is also moving when I walk across it.
Vicinity of Hardaman Pl in Tampa
I need a patio slab and possibly a driveway slab
Vicinity of in Tampa
Need to fix joist on foundation.
Vicinity of W. Palm AV in Tampa
Sagging floor and wall.
Vicinity of W Peninsular in Tampa
Floors are not level
Vicinity of Patbur Ave in Tampa
Water causing holes to form beathen porch also driveway estimate
Vicinity of W Leona St in Tampa
Sinking floor in a converted garage. Letting water into the house
Vicinity of East Norfolk Street in Tampa
Cracked driveway needing repair
Vicinity of Shetland Ave in Tampa
Back porch 10' x 12 1/2' at a high angle away from the house. Always floods at low end. Hoping to mitigate flooding.
Vicinity of W Cherry St. in Tampa
Currently have a ribbon driveway to our parking pad want to complete the ribbons to the rear of the property. About 40 feet and each ribbon is approx. 18" wide.
Vicinity of in Tampa
I need concrete poured on the bottom of my garage. Apt and leveled
Vicinity of Louisiana Ave in Tampa
I need a concrete foundation for a small shed
Vicinity of Brookgreen Drive in Tampa
I am a licensed community association manager at The Plantation in Tampa. Our pool/cabana was built on a site 40 years ago that was a previous dump/waste facility. We are experiencing severe cracking in the building. Several years ago there was also problems with the pool. I am the new manager here as of May 7 but do have some maintenance people who might be able to provide some more information. I was told a few years ago the Board obtained a proposal to rebuild the pool/cabana, but my gut tells me that would be a waste of money unless we did soil samples to find out what might be going on. I would like to discuss a scope of work to see if reinforcement of the foundation, underpinning etc. might be options in lieu of rebuilding. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to see what your thoughts might be. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you.
Vicinity of E Henry Ave in Tampa
Springy area within living room that causes bookshelf/items on it to move when we walk around it.
Vicinity of W Estrella St in Tampa
I need a concrete slab for a 10x15 shed.
Vicinity of W. Fribley St in Tampa
I have a old craftsman bungalow and the center of the house is slightly sloped and I wanted to see what it would cost to get it leveled out.
Vicinity of N Ola in Tampa
Lean in the house
Vicinity of N Highland Ave in Tampa
Our house has settled since we bought it and the floors are now uneven/have "soft" spots.
Vicinity of W IDLEWILD AVE in Tampa
I have a pier and beam home. Many of my beams are rotted and some only have a few inches left of the original 4x8. Along with this, the lawn has poor drainage. The rest of the house is in decent shape and we want to save it before it gets worse.
Vicinity of W Oklahoma Ave in Tampa
Garage 28'x32' (896 sf) with 12"x12" Thickened Edge at Perimeter 4" Thick, 3000psi w/mesh Trowel Finish Driveway 25'x32' 4" Thick, 3000psi w/mesh Light Broom Finish
Vicinity of Natures Hike Way in Tampa
I need a quote for a 500 sq ft patio pad.
Vicinity of Canal Pointe St in Tampa
Looking to purchase a home that had a grout sinkhole repair done in 2014. I am wanting to know if it is possible to have pinning done at this point. What would the estimate cost be? I do have the engineering report from the repair
Vicinity of W WISCONSIN AVE in Tampa
Settling of house. Cracked floors, cracked ceilings, cracked walls. Seperation of concrete pad and pool walls.
Vicinity of Huntfield St in Tampa
Glen Oaks HOA exterior concrete wall in need of repairs
Vicinity of Chamberlain Ct in Tampa
Concern I may have a foundation issue in my house.
Vicinity of Rosepointe Ct in Tampa
Sidewalk needs leveled, poli solution is what I'm interested in. (Erosion from rain, settled and needs to be fixed)
Vicinity of W Winthrop Rd in Tampa
I want to pour a large slab in the back yard as a porch & another in the corner for a shed
Vicinity of Estuary Drive in Tampa
Uneven Slabs in driveway
Vicinity of E. NEW ORLEANS AVE in Tampa
I have a crawlspace foundation, and I have some cracks in my walls in the house. I want to stabilize the house and maybe add some more supports if needed. Maybe enclose the crawlspace as well, to prevent moisture and cold/hot air from seeping from the subflooring into the house.
Vicinity of Cypress Tree Drive in Tampa
I have a driveway that has been damaged by tree roots. I need the damaged part of the driveway removed, tree roots removed and new driveway installed.
Vicinity of W. Leona St. in Tampa
Looking at concrete side walk for side of house, concrete patio and concrete retainer wall, fire pit for back yard.
Vicinity of S Obrien St in Tampa
I'm looking at putting an offer on an older home that has a few cracks on the outside. I want to know what the ballpark cost for foundation settling would run for a brick home of 2k sqft.
Vicinity of in Tampa
Might be barking up the wrong tree... I am looking to repair a leak in the brick/block wall behind my washing machine that is about 3 to 4 ft underground. When we get a good rain, the garage floods and I dont know who to contact to get it fixed.
Vicinity of Golden Eagle Way in Tampa
Lifting of driveway from oak tree root. Cracks in concrete patio slab, dips and rough surface in sidewalks.
Vicinity of E BIRD ST in Tampa
Stair step cracks on one corner of house. Concrete block house. No siding as of yet.
Vicinity of Usfdogwood Ln in Tampa
Need to extend a concrete generator pad by 36" x 120" 16" deep using #5 rebar
Vicinity of N Tampa St in Tampa
I need concrete to be put down where I currently have gravel, It will need to cover the two car driveway an partially inside the gate enough to accommodate a car.
Vicinity of Interbay Blvd in Tampa
Need quote for termite/rot damage to floor joists under home in crawl space.
Vicinity of Broxburn Ave in Tampa
I have cracks in the wall and uneven floors in certain parts of my house. I want a specialist to diagnose the problem.
Vicinity of Sebring Blvd in Tampa
Vicinity of W Flora St in Tampa
Looking for quote for two foundation issues with my home. I have a master bedroom/bath addition built in 2000 on a concrete slab without a proper foundation. One edge of the slab is sinking, causing cracking in the slab and outer walls. Second is a cavity under the main house caused by a busted water pipe.
Vicinity of Lake Magdalene Cir in Tampa
Sagging floors and not level need quote to repair
Vicinity of W. TAMBAY AVE in Tampa
One side of our front porch has been settling for many years but getting worse now.
Vicinity of Witheridge Drive in Tampa
We need to extend our driveway to have room for 2 vehicles
Vicinity of N River Rd in Tampa
Backyard patio est. 6ft 10 inch by 30 ft
Vicinity of Arndale Circle in Tampa
Foundation concern and ground depression
Vicinity of Severn Ave. in Tampa
Cracks in walls near ceiling, cracks at base of garage outer wall etc
Vicinity of Channelside Druvev in Tampa
House has sink hole
Vicinity of Thames Pl Tampa, Fl in Tampa
Need to pour a 12' x 12' x 5" patio
Vicinity of Huntfield St in Tampa
I am looking to replace my existing driveway which has cracked and uneven.
Vicinity of E Frances Ave in Tampa
Need roughly 400 sq ft poured in back yard for sitting/grilling area. Fenced yard with 12 ft opening for truck.
Vicinity of W Azeele Street in Tampa
Sinking spots in pool deck
Vicinity of West Sevilla Street in Tampa
Repair or replace concrete driveway and possibly sidewalk; considering concrete and/or pavers solutions
Vicinity of Myrna Dr in Tampa
I'd like to extend my concrete pool deck 6 feet all the way around and connect it to my patio. Run a concrete walk way from side gate of house to pool deck.
Vicinity of Olney Ave in Tampa
Just bought rental house have small crack in floor need to have foundation checked
Vicinity of HOMESTEAD DR in Tampa
Repair and restore cracked driveway
Vicinity of Hampton View Lane in Tampa
Cracks are visible on tiles of kitchen floor. On the outside perimeter of the location where the cracks are visible, there is soil indent. I was wondering if you could do an inspection of the area to check and confirm it is not a structural issue.
Vicinity of Pembridge Ct in Tampa
Drive way
Vicinity of in Tampa
24×36 concrete slab
Vicinity of N Central Ave in Tampa
Need a 200 square feet concreate installed in my backyard for a patio.
Vicinity of Pictorial Park Dr in Tampa
We would like to put floor in our backyard, it would measure approx. 1000sq ft (40' x 25')
Vicinity of E Bluff Ave in Tampa
We have some settlement damage we would like fixed
Vicinity of N Highland Ave in Tampa
I have some piers and a chimney that need some attention.
Vicinity of Soaring Trail Lane in Tampa
I have a 840 square foot driveway concrete needs to be resurfaced cracks and holes or in surface
Vicinity of N Marks in Tampa
Just to get the job done with excellent work and value *prefer contact via email. Thanks : )
Vicinity of in Tampa
I'm looking for an estimate to install brick pavers for the perimeter of house, a deck on the back and sides of the driveway. Thanks
Vicinity of W. Kentucky Avenue in Tampa
Small job - replacing wood frame floor in 8' * 12' existing shed. Shed in back of house - no truck access.
Vicinity of Wareham Dr. in Tampa
The corner of my home is sinking causing cracks in the payment and cinder blocks on the side of the house.
Vicinity of N Glenwood Dr in Tampa
Sagging dropping floor
Vicinity of Trilby in Tampa
Front pavers need reseting. Tree roots uplifting pavers. Have a couple mini sink holes.
Vicinity of Paddlewheel in Tampa
I need an estimate to remove the concrete from my driveway because of cracks.
Vicinity of Macallan Dr in Tampa
Sidewalk broken / lifted by tree roots. Needs to be fixed / replaced Aprox 50 SFT
Vicinity of E Ross Avenue in Tampa
I have a raised section of ribbon driveway that presents a tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Cayman Dr in Tampa
On our pool deck there are a few cracks that are greater than the size of a quarter that may be due to possible settlement or sinking I would like to get that checked out.
Vicinity of Elm Fair Blvd in Tampa
I am Plant Manager of a mfg facility. We have patch of concrete approx. 24sqft in our shipping dept that needs repair as it is causing safety issues with our forklifts driving over it.
Vicinity of Foxridge Cir in Tampa
Possible failed vapor barrier under slab. Water is coming up through my new tile grout lines everyday. 3 leak detections were negative for leaky plumbing. This problem persisted throughout our 3 month drought in the summer this year. Curious about a retro injection vapor barrier under my existing home slab to seal any outside moisture out.
Vicinity of N Seminole Ave in Tampa
I live in a 100 year old Bungalow and have noticed issues with my ceiling cracking in my guest house as well as my front porch stairs on my main house cracking. I also am having issues with the concrete around my pool cracking.
Vicinity of Mc Berry St in Tampa
1920 home of my wife's mom needs fixing can you help
Vicinity of Fox Creek Dr in Tampa
Crack in garage has grown over the years and doors are rubbing more in the last few months, and today I noticed affecting the garage door closing. Also grout crack from door entering house to half bath across from it.
Vicinity of in Tampa
2 story wood structure approx 1800 sweet 900 on 1st floor same on second. Although there are no so g s of cracks on the walls the floors are uneven on.both levels
Vicinity of Anchoret Rd in Tampa
Have some moisture problems is a few rooms of my home and not sure what is causing it.
Vicinity of Grant Creek Drive in Tampa
Replace walkway w/pavers and depending cost possibly driveway as well.
Vicinity of E Henry Ave in Tampa
We are under contract to buy a home. The crawl space blocks were installed horizontally rather than vertically, the insulation under the home was installed upside down and the ground does not have a negative grade around the house. We need a quote ASAP for repair negotiations. Thanks!
Vicinity of Eagle Brook Ave in Tampa
House was underpinned and is still showing signs of sinking. Cracks in kitchen wall and garage. Door sticking badly going into garage.
Vicinity of in Tampa
Structural/ foundation issue. Home slightly leaning.
Vicinity of Fragancia Ct in Tampa
I would like to create a patio deck. The deck will be approximately 7' x 7". The design and bricks must be approved by the Condo Association.
Vicinity of E Diana St in Tampa
Need an estimate for kitchen, subfloor/joist repair.
Vicinity of in Tampa
I have a 1901 bungalow in Ybor and the brick piers are deteriorated. I need an estimate to replace all the piers, footers, and 4x8 beams that run under the house.
Vicinity of Rustic View Ct in Tampa
Wood flooring in 2 areas of home are bowing.
Vicinity of Venitia Real Ave in Tampa
I have 4 areas of sidewalk that severely hold water. I need them lifted or otherwise repaired so water flows off and doesn't collect into pools.
Vicinity of N Taliaferro Avenue in Tampa
Needing estimate on leveling Foundation of home
Vicinity of W Columbus in Tampa
I purchased a property that I want to expand on. It was a landfill prior to becoming a bank and now in order to expand the geo engineers stated I would need to install approximately 28 Auger Piles.
Vicinity of S Dakota Av in Tampa
Wondering if you fix ventilation (dampness and mild growth) issues in crawlspace beneath 100+ year old home
Vicinity of Hugh in Tampa
I have a rehab house with apparent beam problems.
Vicinity of Kingston Drive -North in Tampa
I am in need of a free estimate for my foundation. Thank you
Vicinity of Glenfield Ave in Tampa
Part of my concrete driveway has been pushed up by roots and has created a 2.5 inch ledge into my garage and sidewalk. I am worried about the tripping hazard and would like to get a quote for grinding the concrete down.
Vicinity of Tudor Chase Dr in Tampa
Drywall nails in one room along ceiling showing, some cracks in various locations, hard to close one door. New to the house, 3 months it didn't show up in inspection so I'm wondering if it's all new or it was missed.
Vicinity of Lucerne Ave in Tampa
Yiu have worked on our home and we need help with a structural support
Vicinity of Shady Shores Dr in Tampa
Have areas around the lanai that are falling appart, crumbling.
Vicinity of E Clifton in Tampa
Need some footings, drain and concrete for screen enclosure. We have permit
Vicinity of GALLERIA DR in Tampa
The walkway from the drive to the house is a series of 3-foot by 5-foot concrete "slabs." One of them has been shifted by a large tree root, causing a tripping hazard at both ends. Does your company handle this type of repair?
Vicinity of East Knollwood Street in Tampa
I need to have an estimate on my home that is un-level.
Vicinity of S CLARK St in Tampa
The are cracks on the inside of the home and larger cracks greater than an eighth of an inch on the outside
Vicinity of Lancer Drive in Tampa
I am a realtor trying to sell a house that used to be in my family. There are huge oak trees in front and back yard. The family room area (an addition) is close to the backyard tree and has many cracked tiles (hairline cracks). It's not something I noticed when the house used to be in my family but is obvious now. I'm wondering on cost of how much it might cost to evaluate the situation, which the seller of the home may or may not choose to have repaired. Thanks so much.
Vicinity of N Glenwood Dr in Tampa
Floor of home is sagging and not level. frame home1942
Vicinity of Magnolia Chase Circle in Tampa
Over the past 11 years, my pool deck and patio slab has settled and I am looking for quotes to slab jack the patio/pool deck surface in some areas prior to having the pool deck and pool remodeled with pavers and new tile.
Vicinity of W. Paris St. in Tampa
I have a corner of the cool deck on my pool that has settled on the outer edge about 4 to 6 inches. Would like to lift the deck back close to the original position.
Vicinity of W. CIMMERON DR. in Tampa
I need a quote for the insurance company to make repairs on my house that were caused by a leaking waste line under the house.
Vicinity of N Florida Ave in Tampa
Vicinity of E River Hills Drive in Tampa
1924 yellow brick house has huge chimney that is tilting outwards and surrounding bricks are step cracking diagonally. Less than a year ago I filled cracked mortar joints with new mortar, the other day I noticed more cracking and looked like more tilting. It is a huge chimney going past 2nd floor level and I would like to check into getting this stabilized/fixed before it eventually falls over and pulls the wall with it.
Vicinity of Shoreside Circle in Tampa
Need concrete driveway poured. Size is 21feet seven inches by 16 feet. Thank you.
Vicinity of E Knollwood St in Tampa
The floors in my kitchen slope from the center out. There are uneven surfaces in two of the bed room and the floors in the main bathroom slope toward the toilet. If I don't answer the phone please leave a voice mail.
Vicinity of Coral Key Ave in Tampa
Patio for a 250 sq. ft. in the backyard
Vicinity of Glenmont Dr in Tampa
Part of pool deck concrete has sunk.
Vicinity of W. Inman Ave. in Tampa
Sagging floor under cast iron tub in 1950's home.
Vicinity of Red Cedar Ln in Tampa
Need new patio done 9x21
Vicinity of WAKULLA DRIVE in Tampa
I need to have concrete poured on my driveway. The demo has already been done, the slab is down to dirt. Please advise.
Vicinity of Mossy Glen Lane in Tampa
I have a sloping floor in the kitchen.
Vicinity of Wareham Dr in Tampa
15 x 32 driveway slab removal and replacement. Re enforced slab please. Some tree root removal. Ready to get prices and do the work before the year end.
Vicinity of Luzon Ave in Tampa
I have a 30 year old pool which needs repair. There is a half inch gap under pool deck and several tiles have broken loose. Also, roots from nearby trees are coming through the cracks. I'd like to know whether the pool can be repaired.
Vicinity of Moran Rd in Tampa
I need to have a few areas of a concrete floor leveled prior to installing a new floor. i would like a quote for this please. Thanks, Matt
Vicinity of W Adalee St in Tampa
Settlement cracks on exterior of house. Small section under house with some rotten wood and rust.
Vicinity of OAK BRIDGE St in Tampa
Need a pour for a concrete pad for my gardening shed. 6" slab that will be 8'x5' about 0.75 yard. will probably need a pump truck to reach install area. closest parking area from install is about 75-100 feet.
Vicinity of S Morton St in Tampa
6x8 slab
Vicinity of W. State St. in Tampa
Crawl space floor joist repair
Vicinity of W Leroy St in Tampa
Hello, We just purchased an investment house that is in need of some work on the crawl space since some of the floors sags towards one side of the house. Looking for someone to inspect and give us a quote on the repairs. Thanks, Juan
Vicinity of S CAMERON AVE in Tampa
Would like to have someone come and give estimate for home renovation. I received Brandon Best's contact from a former client. Hope to hear back from someone.
Vicinity of Lake George Lane in Tampa
A portion of our pool deck has settled and the crack lines are noticeable as well as the degree of leaning. We have a screen enclosure and so the water collects in the area that has settled and won't run off because of the frame of the enclosure. I think that the reason for the settling of the slab is because there was a failure of the seawall and the erosion was severe in this area. We have since repaired this area and I would now like to address the pool deck. The area that has settled is a triangular shaped area about 8-10ft wide. I would love to see if repairing it through your services is feasible at this time. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of W Idlewild Ave in Tampa
My pier and beam house seems to have mud swept under it and the wood beams are touching the moist soil in some areas. this is promoting a termite issue and believe the foundation need repair before the home can be free of termites.
Vicinity of Dunnie Drive in Tampa
Cracked and lifted driveway. Large oak trees on property. Concerned that they may be the cause of the driveway problem
Vicinity of Krueger Lane in Tampa
Crack in driveway and uneven in one spot
Vicinity of in Tampa
My driveway has an area about 8 to 10 feet that is sunken about 3or4 inches
Vicinity of Wesley Drive in Tampa
Concrete slab closest to the street has sunk about 1 1/2" on one end.
Vicinity of N Seminole Ave in Tampa
Check foundation support. Noticed shifting
Vicinity of Sambourne Lane in Tampa
Pool decking has cracks
Vicinity of Interbay Blvd in Tampa
Pier and beam house with tilted floors
Vicinity of Lucaya Dr in Tampa
The driveway needs to be repair. uneven driveway. The left side of the driveway is lifted.
Vicinity of S. Switzer Ave in Tampa
Residential driveway lift needed. Approx 200 sf slab to raise 3 inches.
Vicinity of W. Davis Blvd. in Tampa
Pool deck settlement.
Vicinity of Ohio Ave in Tampa
One of the concrete pads on my driveway has sunk only about 1"-2" and needs to be leveled.
Vicinity of Archdale Ct in Tampa
Cracks in stucco exterior walls
Vicinity of W Loughman St in Tampa
Settling beneath steps to front porch, raised sidewalk creating trip hazard, some cracking to hardy board on porch from settling.
Vicinity of W Carmen St in Tampa
We have a sagging front porch which needs added support. We would also like our crawlspace encapsulated and reinforced if/where necessary. Thanks, Dan
Vicinity of N.taliaferro Ave in Tampa
My property backs up to an elementary school there's been water running from the school now for over a month destroying my property it has imploded my driveway I have video of groundwater running underwater when the city dug up the street I need someone to come out and evaluate the property.
Vicinity of S Holly Ln in Tampa
We have a crawlspace that flooded, and I'm looking for someone to inspect it.
Vicinity of S. Russell St. in Tampa
Dip in my driveway
Vicinity of N Poplar Ave in Tampa
We have a concrete patio slab that is sinking in towards the house causing water to collect at the base of the foundation. We would like to have it lifted back level or slightly higher so that water goes away from house and not toward the house.
Vicinity of Vallely Drive in Tampa
I need an estimate on pool foundation repair and pool deck resurfacing
Vicinity of WHISPER SOUND DR in Tampa
Corner of the pool deck has a slight slope and minor cracking in the tile Drive way has one piece near a tree that has lifted
Vicinity of N Lynn Ave in Tampa
Hi, besides the cracks around the house, the porch looks inclined on one side; so, we would like a professional's advice and estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Paris Street in Tampa
I have a wall crack in one of the corners of the house and would like to get an estimate for repairing it. Thanks.
Vicinity of Morris Glen Way in Tampa
A couple of cracks in the foundation and side of the house.
Vicinity of Metheny Circle in Tampa
Cracks in concrete pool deck also needs repainting
Vicinity of in Tampa
Our house, built in 1973, has settling in one corner, with a quarter inch wide,or less, stair step crack showing on the outer concrete block wall. Also, the concrete floor /slab in that corner has several cracks.
Vicinity of N Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa
Vicinity of Sweetwater Drive in Tampa
Stairs pulling away from house. Settling
Vicinity of in Tampa
My house is cracking
Vicinity of Leila Ave in Tampa
Looking for a solution that will level our pavered driveway. Some areas are not level and appear slightly sunken. I saw your commercial which described a remedy for something similar. Looking for information and general ball park cost to see if it fits in this year's home improvement budget.
Vicinity of Ashworth Dtive in Tampa
There are cracks in driveway. I believe there may have been a tree removed years ago that caused damage. Looks like it was patched once before.
Vicinity of W Plymouth St in Tampa
Some sinking, inspector said we have foundation and pylon issues. the home is a bunglaow with a crawl space
Vicinity of GOLDEN EAGLE WAY in Tampa
Pool deck is not leveled. There are cracks in the pool area.
Vicinity of N Riverhill Drive in Tampa
Driveway need leveling
Vicinity of Golf Crest Way in Tampa
I would like to get information about resurfacing/ repair of my driveway, and options for the finish on the driveway.
Vicinity of S Schiller Street in Tampa
Moderate stucco repairs needed prior to painting on south side of house including chimney.
Vicinity of Hidden Green Lane in Tampa
Need pricing on leveling driveway and patching cracks in driveway
Vicinity of W. Vasconia St. in Tampa
Driveway section has settled.
Vicinity of W. Price Ave in Tampa
Repair for carport and driveway lifting.
Vicinity of Thornton Ave W in Tampa
I need a small slab poured for a shed in my backyard. 8x10. area is clear and fairly level. a pump truck would probably be needed.
Vicinity of W Alline Ave in Tampa
I am interested in getting a quote for a shed foundation. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Tampa
Cement slab has fallen 6 in in 40 years in a 20 foot area. has bottomed out in center
Vicinity of Golf Crest Circle in Tampa
Concrete walkway has become unlevel due to tree roots.
Vicinity of PLEASANT LAKE DR in Tampa
Sidewalk to the front door is lifted and uneven.
Vicinity of W Marjory Ave in Tampa
Need replacement of a 4' by 8' transverse beam and support, as well as support for a double floor joist. Have an engineering report with recommended actions.
Vicinity of Knights Run Ave in Tampa
Keystone retaining wall that needs a grout curtain wall behind it and some helical anchors.
Vicinity of S Barbara Ln in Tampa
My side walk is crooked.
Vicinity of Columbia Drive in Tampa
Need a Concrete Slab poured for a shed in my backyard. Shed Dimensions are: Exterior Dimensions: 92.75" W x 115.5" L x 96" H But I would like about a foot around for some lee way
Vicinity of Mondavi Ct in Tampa
Settling foundation.
Vicinity of Cape Hatteras Drive in Tampa
I have an inground pool and where the pool and the house meet there seems to be some wash out under the pool foundation and the house...where they meet up.
Vicinity of Interbay Blvd in Tampa
Sagging floors, crawl space
Vicinity of Sultana Ct. in Tampa
We have a large concrete slab patio at the back of our house that has a section that settled and cracked. We need to have it leveled and the cracks sealed.
Vicinity of Twin Branch Acres Rd in Tampa
Foundation. Think the previous homeowner did an addition with a cold joint at the concrete slab, resulting in the slab being uneven and settling independently.
Vicinity of W. Jetton Ave in Tampa
Crawl space support posts or new bricks and pads. house is 90years old has a saggy bottom can you help me.
Vicinity of W Osborne Ave in Tampa
Floor sagging toward middle
Vicinity of Oran St in Tampa
Large cracks have appeared down the back of the concrete block house, cracking the window sill. Slab sounds hollow. House over sixty years old.
Vicinity of Grainary Ave in Tampa
Cracks/Separations in the block on the exterior of the house.
Vicinity of E Comanche Ave in Tampa
Sagging floors, cracks in walls and ceilings.
Vicinity of Sunny Vale PL in Tampa
I have a concrete slab front porch that has developed a void from rainwater runoff and sunk about 3 or 4 inches. The result is a slope away from the foundation of the home and a gap developed between the home and the porch as a result. Not a big job but I am selling the home and would like to raise it level again. Thank you.
Vicinity of W. Fig St in Tampa
Hello, I recently purchased a 1928 Bungalow with crawl space that appears to need some column replacement/reinforcement. I would like to stabilize the foundation so it doesn't create any further problems.
Vicinity of Penwood Dr in Tampa
One concrete square outside garage has broken and raised up significantlly. A root may be the cause. Also the square at the front door has cracked and shifted.
Vicinity of Palamore Dr in Tampa
The concrete in my lanai between my pool and the rear of my home has been slowly sinking for the last 7-8 years.
Vicinity of Culbreath Isles Road in Tampa
We have a concrete pad around our pool with a tile covering. The tile is cracking due to settling (cracking?) of the pad.
Vicinity of Cresthill Ct in Tampa
There is a wall to wall crack on a tile bedroom floor.
Vicinity of N Clark Ave in Tampa
Lanai area where posts are sinking and cracks around home foundation
Vicinity of Santa Monica Dr in Tampa
Vicinity of E Lambright St in Tampa
I have a hole that developed in my back yard that i'm afraid might be a sink hole. It started out as a little hole maybe about a foot in diameter... after a heavy rain it probably more than tripled in size.
Vicinity of Cypress Reserve Dr in Tampa
My driveway/sidewalk no longer match up. HOA is asking that I flx the trip hazard
Vicinity of Adalia Ave in Tampa
We are considering purchasing a house that we have leased for 3 years but are concerned about soil destabilization near the canal. We'd like an opinion if there is a problem and a cost estimate to fix.
Vicinity of Highland Ridge Way in Tampa
The junction between our linai and house is sinking in a bit making our sliding glass door not open and cloce properly. concrete levels are sinking down from the linai.
Vicinity of Candlewood Ave in Tampa
I had the entire house rewired and I need to get the holes they left repaired. They are roughly the size of an outlet and they are all over the house.
Vicinity of Colchester Palms Dr in Tampa
Crack in stucco on the side wall need quote for repairs
Vicinity of N. Armenia Ave. in Tampa
Drywall ceiling repair (texture finish) 3ft by 3ft and 5ft by 5ft
Vicinity of S. Trask St. in Tampa
Extensive cracking of stucco finish and bleaching of paint from released moisture through cracks on exterior walls (stucco over block) less than a year after buying my house with a new stucco job (1951 flipped house). Need a free inspection and estimate for repairs please.
Vicinity of Landscape Drive in Tampa
I have approx. 10x10 ceiling that's needs repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of W. Oklahoma Ave. in Tampa
I think I might have a sinkhole in my backyard and am not sure what to do. Can you help?
Vicinity of Fox Chase Subdivision in Tampa
Side walk repair/replace sidewalks due to oak tree roots.
Vicinity of Bloomington Drive in Tampa
Major outside garagage and backyard concrete issues
Vicinity of Hampden Drive in Tampa
Two 36x36 cement slabs perpendicular to each other at the end of a sidewalk from the front door of my home are off kilter by 1 1/2 to 2 inches most likely due to large tree roots from a near by huge oak tree. Or 28 years of water that poured off the roof without the benefit of large gutters....and the slope of the sidewalk pooling water at the juncture of the two slabs at the end of the sidewalk.
Vicinity of Oakshire Drive in Tampa
Concrete driveway rising due to oak tree roots.
Vicinity of W. TACON STREET in Tampa
Vicinity of LONG BAY LANE in Tampa
Vicinity of Cory Lake Drive in Tampa
Have a crack that is about 12 feet long in the stucco, needs to be repaired and house painted.
Vicinity of in Tampa
Room addition on back of house is separating from main structure also have some holes developing in rear yard area.
Vicinity of Fredericksburg Rd in Tampa
Tree root lifted one panel of the driveway
Vicinity of Tampa Shores Blvd. in Tampa
Pool deck has cracked and sunk down
Vicinity of Tarabrook Dr in Tampa
Trees growing too close to home so some cracked walls
Vicinity of Eaglebrook Ave in Tampa
Wall cracks and ceiling cracks. Bulging wall in bedroom. Noticable gap between floor in garage in wall.
Vicinity of Sea Island Way in Tampa
Concrete Patio sinking along one corner and cracking, resulting in separation of lanai roof from supports.
Vicinity of in Tampa
Have un-level sidewalk in our back garden area. This is a Nursing Home/ Assisted Living facility. Would like quote to have leveled.
Vicinity of Summerdale Drive in Tampa
My sidewalk that leads to the front door has sagged into a low point in the yard where water collects. Further, there are uneven joints and a crack on my driveway as a result of this depression under the walkway
Vicinity of Courtney Breeze Dr in Tampa
I have a low spot that collects water that then enters my garage. Installing a drain tile is not economically feasible. I hope to get a small section of the foundation sealed against water leakage
Vicinity of Hollowell Dr in Tampa
Redo pool deck
Vicinity of Rockport Pl in Tampa
My pool deck is sinking
Vicinity of Black Pine Drive in Tampa
I am concerned about snapping and popping noises in the house. By the way the stucco banding has broken it appears that the house has moved. I'm starting to see open cracks in the seams where the walls meet in the inside of the house. I understand that the clay soil underneath my house expands and contracts with the rain and dry weather, but I'm worried about my situation being something more serious. Thanks.
Vicinity of W Spring Lake Dr in Tampa
Leak from outdoor balcony w stucco damage around window
Vicinity of West Homer Avenue in Tampa
Water in garage coming up through floor. Stair crack lines in exterior walls and interior doorway.
Vicinity of E. Sparkman Ave. in Tampa
1900 Victorian House Settling and a lot of crack plastered walls, ceilings, and vandalism.
Vicinity of Oasis Palm Drive in Tampa
I have a sinkhole that needs repair.
Vicinity of Paloma Drive in Tampa
Settling of sunroom resulting in door that will not close and cracks around doorways.
Vicinity of in Tampa
Backyard patio is a concrete slab that has pulled away from house and has sunk about 2 or 3" below where it was originally poured.
Vicinity of in Tampa
We lease a really old building in Ybor City. Cracked, uneven concrete warehouse floor, and we want it leveled to bring in an auto repair shop. Need to bolt an auto lift onto it. It's not a foundation issue, just a surface problem. Would like it leveled. Also, does leveling compound exist that repels oil? Looking for economical solution as we don't own the property. Thanks!
Vicinity of CHANCERY PL in Tampa
Small crack above window in master bath (outside) Want it repaired before I paint this house this Fall. Thanks.
Vicinity of W Obispo St in Tampa
This is my grandma's house that I have tried to make better but I do believe or I know we do have settlement issues. Even after we try to stabilize the floors and lay down new flooring the floors are still still slanted and counters too and wanted to see what something like would cost or if it can even be fixed.
Vicinity of Hollyridge Pl in Tampa
We have cracks in our driveway and heard that your company can repair them. We have no idea how much it would cost or if it could be repaired.
Vicinity of in Tampa
My pool has settled at least 2-3 inches in an are of about 40 feet.
Vicinity of Thornwood Lane in Tampa
Pool deck underneath has washed out under foundation from rain
Vicinity of Stonefield Way in Tampa
One end of our pool where the spa is located is cracked and lower than than other.
Vicinity of W Royal Palm Cir in Tampa
Pavers sinking near garage.
Vicinity of S Mascotte Street in Tampa
Interior floor is beginning to buckle. We feel there is a problem in the crawl space beneath home.
Vicinity of Mabry St. in Tampa
Patio slab behind house is settling and seperating from the house.
Vicinity of in Tampa
I work for the board of The Home Association and we own a residential property that has some structural issues. Two beams in the crawl space under the house that support the living room are split and we need to have them temporarily braced so we can remove the contents from the house. We also need a separate quote for the permanent repairs to the property that would be a larger project.
Vicinity of Wellesford Way in Tampa
Cracks in block wall of the garage.
Vicinity of Brushwood Dr. in Tampa
My garage floor has moisture coming to the surface, it is not a broken pipe,most likely no miosture barrier when original slab was installed. Please help!!
Vicinity of West Texas Ave in Tampa
I have a house for sale that was built in the early 1920's. It has settled throughout the years and had foundation work last done in 2002 to help correct it. The house has settled a little more recently, and I'd like for your company to come out and give an opinion for structural work that is needed.
Vicinity of W. Fig St in Tampa
One side of my house has portions of stucco in faux brick pattern that has heavy water damage and it starting to fall away from house. would like estimate to replace
Vicinity of Wishart Blvd, Tampa, FL in Tampa
Kitchen floor has started sagging. Kitchen cabinets are now skewed, with gaps below cabinets at bottom.
Vicinity of Santiago in Tampa
The hole is about 2 feet by 1 feet how much will it coast to repair
Vicinity of Oban Avenue in Tampa
We just a bought a house and have noticed the lanai is not entirely flat. The pavers are on a concrete slab but it looks like it is not settling evenly. There is a line in the pavers where you can see they are buckled. From the outside you can see an open space between the ground and the concrete slab. If this is something your company could fix, please contact me so I can get an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of W. Crawford St. in Tampa
Water coming through the side wall frame addition and foundation. Need estimate ASAP.
Vicinity of Capitol Dr in Tampa
Crack in living room floor found after carpet removal
Vicinity of Parley Dr in Tampa
Overhead ceiling in a laundry room needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Ranchwood Lane in Tampa
Concrete block home, some cracks in rear of house towards bottom of the wall, may be allowing water into the adjacent bedroom floor
Vicinity of Ruth Place in Tampa
We have a retaining at the end of our front yard that is at the street. It is about 4 feet high and is in disrepair. Not falling, but not in good shape. Am afraid it will collapse and my yard will be on the street including a grand oak.
Vicinity of Palmira Ave in Tampa
We have an island in the middle of our kitchen. It bounces when people walk near it. It appears that we might need reinforcement in the crawl space under this area.
Vicinity of Beneva Dr in Tampa
I have an engineering report confirming there is sinkhole activity. I would like to get an estimate and information regarding any warranty available with your work. Tks
Vicinity of Hollowell Dr in Tampa
Erotion under back of pool deck
Vicinity of Sir Frederick St in Tampa
Not sure if there is anything to worry about, but I have noticed some changes in the ground near the rear of my house. I'd like to get someone to come take a look and check for any possible problems. Issues I've noticed: 1. cracked tiles in rear of house 2. shift in patio/pavers to the rear of the house. 3. Hollow sound under concrete slab in rear rooms of house. Can you tell me if I can get someone to come check it out and if there would be any cost involved?
Vicinity of Holiday Drive in Tampa
Cracks outside on foundation
Vicinity of Lakestone Dr in Tampa
House foundation, pool deching and porch are eroading. (?) lake side.
Vicinity of Saint James Ct in Tampa
My house has a confirmed sink hole and I have an engineering report. I have been told by my insurance that I need to find a stabilization company on my own to make the repairs. Is this a service that you provide?

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