Work Requests in Spring Hill

LRE Restoration Services, LLC is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Spring Hill. Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC's recent work requests in Spring Hill and nearby areas!

Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC'S recent work requests in Spring Hill, FL
Vicinity of Landover Blvd in Spring Hill
800sq ft driveway pressure wash and seal
Vicinity of Boyd Lane in Spring Hill
Pool Deck repair of settled concrete. Interested in the Poly level.
Vicinity of Centennial St in Spring Hill
Need an additional 30' of driveway
Vicinity of Purdy St in Spring Hill
Was interested in putting in a second driveway at my house
Vicinity of Country Lane in Spring Hill
Need a 4" thick concrete pad 41' x 45' to have a metal building installed. Residential.
Vicinity of Manchester St in Spring Hill
Would like a free estimate on sinkhole stabilization.
Vicinity of Freeport Dr in Spring Hill
10x17 slab needed for back patio extension
Vicinity of Dothan Ave. in Spring Hill
Wanting a price to fix sinkhole that is 7 years old and wasn't repaired incase I decide to sell
Vicinity of Braemere Drive in Spring Hill
16x16 for patio
Vicinity of Laval St in Spring Hill
And driveways cracking and dipping.
Vicinity of Glendale Ave in Spring Hill
6x20 slab added to our patio and also would like to know how much for a 6x20 footer
Vicinity of Montague Avenue in Spring Hill
We have a confirmed sinkhole and wanted to get an estimate on the repair
Vicinity of Hushpuppy Ln in Spring Hill
Patio area and sidewalk to patio is sinking. Wanting a quote on Polylevel to level the concrete slab and sidewalk.
Vicinity of Boswell Road in Spring Hill
Corner of concrete slab broken off and needs to be repaired.
Vicinity of Holiday Dr in Spring Hill
How much will it cost me for a 20 X 20 ft. patio
Vicinity of Hartford Heights St. in Spring Hill
Looking for an estimate on widening my driveway and and a slab in the back of the house.
Vicinity of NEW AZORA RD in Spring Hill
Need estimate on back yard patio slab,
Vicinity of Mosquero Road in Spring Hill
Cracks in foundation and driveway
Vicinity of Everet Ave in Spring Hill
Tenants in one half of my duplex are complaining about a rumbling noise and sometimes vibration. I see the usual settlement crack that I would expect. Tenants are fearful and I want to make sure that there is not a sinkhole. Thank you.
Vicinity of Laura Lee Dr in Spring Hill
I'm in the planning stages of installing a metal building on a concrete slab. Dimensions of slab needed are: 32x35 with 12"x16" footers. I live in the Shady Hills area.
Vicinity of Meadow Lark Road in Spring Hill
Hole in yard, getting deeper and bigger over time.
Vicinity of Blythewood Dr. in Spring Hill
Please call. I have foundation problem???
Vicinity of Springwood Rd in Spring Hill
Qoute for patio
Vicinity of Holiday Dr. in Spring Hill
Foundation issues
Vicinity of Hanging Moss Loop in Spring Hill
Need an estimate for a 24'x6' concrete slab
Vicinity of Winthrop Drive in Spring Hill
I'm a realtor representing a client who would like to have the seller perform an investigation to rule out the possibility of a sinkhole for the home he is interested in purchasing. I would like a quote to provide to the seller's realtor to see if the seller is willing to pay for an inspection.
Vicinity of Oslo Ave in Spring Hill
Hello i am interested in having a sink hole inspection done to a house that my husband and i are in the works of buying but we see cracks in the foundation of the home and when we look up the history of the home they have no records of the house having sink holes. We are really interested in the home but we dont want to buy something that might possibly have sinkholes. So i wanted to see if there is something we can do to test the house and see an estimate of how much it may cost. Thank you!
Vicinity of Gramercy Lane in Spring Hill
Vicinity of Testing in Spring Hill
Vicinity of Geranium Ave in Spring Hill
We just purchased our home 2 months ago, and have found since stair step cracking on the back left corner of the house. In this same corner the ground is so eroded that it has caused the foundation to be exposed and flooding into the home.
Vicinity of Toledo Rd in Spring Hill
I need two areas filled in and resurface pool deck.
Vicinity of Annapolis Rd. in Spring Hill
There are no signs of foundation movement but my home was declared a sinkhole house by my previous insurer, and I am no longer able to purchase homeowners insurance. I need to know if it is possible for your company to put the property in a condition that will make the home insurable once again. Like issue a certification or something after the repairs are done.
Vicinity of Pine Bluff St in Spring Hill
Questions about a foundation/slab repair and estimate.
Vicinity of Sunburst Ct in Spring Hill
Concrete slap near street end needs raising
Vicinity of Mariner Blvd. in Spring Hill
Extending concrete to existing pool enclosure with surrounding sidewalks, also a 2nd garage slab.
Vicinity of Island Dr in Spring Hill
House on piers, need releveling.
Vicinity of GLEN HAVEN ST in Spring Hill
I would like an estimate for driveway extension or makeover. Current driveway is concrete
Vicinity of Logan St in Spring Hill
Need to have a 4' x 4' section of my patio leveled.
Vicinity of Flamingo Blvd in Spring Hill
I have a void under my pool deck that I need filled
Vicinity of Sunflower Dr in Spring Hill
Pool deck cracking circling around the pool
Vicinity of Sutton Place in Spring Hill
I need a quote on pinning my sink hole home in Spring Hill, Floirda. Please call me asap i need bids by Monday Thank you, Robert Martini
Vicinity of Dunkirk Rd in Spring Hill
Pad for hot tub
Vicinity of Canby Circle in Spring Hill
Patio area has pavers in need of repairs.
Vicinity of Coronado Dr in Spring Hill
The ground around my driveway is settling and now there is a depression forming next to the driveway.
Vicinity of Day Street in Spring Hill
Crack beginning on rear of house.
Vicinity of Linden Dr in Spring Hill
It appears as though my driveway has a few gaps under it sand shifting
Vicinity of Tropical Point Dr. in Spring Hill
Drive way sinking
Vicinity of Deltona Blvd in Spring Hill
Would like to discuss underpinning only.
Vicinity of Legend Hills Ln in Spring Hill
Pool deck and lanai re-finishing
Vicinity of Golf Club Lane in Spring Hill
Settling in driveway
Vicinity of Misty View Drive in Spring Hill
Cracks in lanai
Vicinity of Wabash Trail in Spring Hill
Cracks in driveway
Vicinity of Upland Avenue in Spring Hill
I would like to have a concrete pad or walkways poured.
Vicinity of Putters Circle in Spring Hill
Looking for a price on constructing a 10 X 12 ft concrete slab
Vicinity of Linden Drive in Spring Hill
Drive way in front of garage has lowered due to a sprinkler line breakage.
Vicinity of CRESCENT RD in Spring Hill
I had a major rodent infestation (since been cleared) in a house I inherited that needs most likely gutting & redone. I need an estimate please
Vicinity of Beach Rd in Spring Hill
Foundation cracks and most houses on my street have repaired sinkholes.
Vicinity of Cedro in Spring Hill
Cracks in foundation & exterior walls -
Vicinity of Marietta Ave in Spring Hill
Have had miltiple small cracks that I have closely monitored over the years with the one in front of the house growing the most only about a foot since I purchased the home 8 years ago. I noticed a new crack last year,bearly visible from the ground up the house,less than a foot. Within the last 2 months It has grown all the way to the top in a staircase pattern.
Vicinity of Elwood Rd in Spring Hill
Requesting quote to widen a driveway.
Vicinity of Lansing Dr in Spring Hill
Citizens has approved repair and you are on their list. Need to schedule appointment for quote and other information.
Vicinity of E. Richard Dr. in Spring Hill
Crack in driveway
Vicinity of Mead Drive in Spring Hill
My neighbor has a documented sink hole and I was curious as to see if it ran underneath my property.
Vicinity of Glade Rd in Spring Hill
Like to have pavers installed on my pool deck, app. 750 sq
Vicinity of Springmeadow Dr in Spring Hill
I would like to get an estimate on several projects with my home.
Vicinity of Gloria Ave in Spring Hill
Recently moved into this house and would like to see what our options are regarding the driveway which has a speedbump and slopes toward the house
Vicinity of Sagamore St in Spring Hill
We just need a sinkhole inspection .
Vicinity of Driver Lane in Spring Hill
Pool deck surface lifting up in corner,patch with original surface restored
Vicinity of Kimball Ct in Spring Hill
Newly purchased home (Dec 2013). Large add on room showing small cracks in ceilings and walls and laminate flooring beginning to pull apart. I just want to know how much it costs to come and check things out. Thanks
Vicinity of Maureen Ave in Spring Hill
I have sinkhole and I am looking for a estimate to get repaired
Vicinity of Glenridge Drive in Spring Hill
Exterior, driveway, pool deck, and interior floor cracking.
Vicinity of Larkenheath Drive in Spring Hill
Concerned with cracks in house and driveway. Neighbors all around me are getting work done. Would like to know what is going on. thanks, Kim
Vicinity of Tilburg St. in Spring Hill
Removed rugs and see cracks in the floors
Vicinity of Long Hill Court in Spring Hill
Popcorn removal and painting in main part of house. Remove old florescent lighting fixture in ceiling and replace with LED pot lights. Remove popcorn in one bedroom and one bath and repaint ceiling.
Vicinity of C in Spring Hill
I have cracks inside and outside of my home
Vicinity of Florian Way in Spring Hill
Driveway has crack on side, sprinkler broke and this has caused the driveway to sink along one side. Would like to get this leveled to prevent more damage.
Vicinity of Arcadia Ave in Spring Hill
Think I may have a sinkhole
Vicinity of Upton Street in Spring Hill
My house cracks,walls crack,doors are loose
Vicinity of Tryon Circle in Spring Hill
I see some wall cracking but it might just be the settling - but I need to know for sure. I don't want anything to happen to a family member.
Vicinity of Abagail Dr in Spring Hill
I have a Rimkus Consulting Group report of sinkhole activity at my home, I need an estimate of cost to stabilize the condition.
Vicinity of Valmora in Spring Hill
Home has been tested by Citizens and they have confirmed sinkhole activity and authorized repairs. I would like to set an appointment for an estimate and opinion on the repairs.
Vicinity of Philadelphia Ave. in Spring Hill
Large cracks in driveway,window cracks in front and backside of house.
Vicinity of Edenrock Place in Spring Hill
Confirmed sinkhole. need estimate for repair.

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