Work Requests in Riverview

LRE Restoration Services, LLC is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Riverview. Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC's recent work requests in Riverview and nearby areas!

Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC'S recent work requests in Riverview, FL
Vicinity of Drifting Leaf Dr in Riverview
Side walk cracking on edges
Vicinity of Watson in Riverview
Kidney shaped pool with standard concrete decking, looking to upgrade appearance.
Vicinity of Pleasant Springs Way in Riverview
Price per sq. Ft. For a pad in back yard
Vicinity of Lake Saint Charles Blvd in Riverview
I need help boarding up my windows plz. Don't have any supplies all sold out. I have 5 windows upstairs and 3 windows 2 double windows and one single window downstairs. Also a back porch sliding door.
Vicinity of Early Gold Lane in Riverview
Hi I would like someone to come out and and see if I have a sinkhole issue.
Vicinity of PARK MEADOWBROOKE DRIVE in Riverview
I like to know the price for pour concrete 11 X 12 with four inch deep thanks
Vicinity of Scenic Hill Way in Riverview
16x14 concrete slab (new construction) for backyard
Vicinity of Winthrop Dr in Riverview
Would like to get an estimate on out front walkway and front patio. Walkway is about 16 feet long (3 feet wide) Porch is 8 feet by 8 feet. (one Step) We are looking to have pavers placed.
Vicinity of Sedgebrook Dr in Riverview
Deck around spa has settled. Its about a 10'x12' area with a 6' spa in the middle. There's a expansion joint so just half of the deck has settled. The other half is fine.
Vicinity of Cherry Bark Circle in Riverview
A slab on my driveway has sunk, I would like an estimate for how much it would cost to level it out again.
Vicinity of Crickethollow Drive in Riverview
The sidewalk near my front door is very unlevel and needs to be repaired
Vicinity of Bridgecreek Dr in Riverview
I have a cement slab by my pool that has settled a bit with some erosion. I'd like to get an estimate for filling the void to stop further erosion. Its level enough, just has some erosion from the water flowing trough the crack.
Vicinity of Dixon Drive in Riverview
Sinking patio at one end of pool.
Vicinity of Yale Cir in Riverview
Look at releveling driveway slabs and one pool slab
Vicinity of Erhardt Drive in Riverview
Pool is sinking and front corner of home.
Vicinity of Summer Cove Dr. in Riverview
I have a 15 ft crack in my foundation in my master bedroom floor.
Vicinity of M in Riverview
Vicinity of Juliano Drive in Riverview
Looking to have a 12'x14' concrete slab poured for a small shed in the backyard as well as a 4'x10' slab on the side of the house in the front yard. Looking for estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Irish Moss Ave in Riverview
Section of pool deck pavers has sunk. We suspect erosion. Need immediate repair. Thank you.
Vicinity of Sedgebrook Pl in Riverview
Pool pavers near edge of pool and spa have sunk aprox 1-2". Appear to have some settlement of outer concrete edge. Lanai appears to have dropped slightly as well. I am purchasing this home and need an estimate for repair, and an expert opinion on severity. The house is not currently occupied. Thank you
Vicinity of Cross Landing Lane in Riverview
Slab in driveway has sunk about 2 inches. not sure if we have a leak in irrigation system, but this just happened this week.
Vicinity of Alsobrook Ave in Riverview
Vicinity of Summer Cove Drive in Riverview
Need a 15' x 16' slab for under a 14' x 8' spa. Thanks.
Vicinity of Crest Brook Pl in Riverview
Sidewalk is lifting due to tree roots
Vicinity of Red Ear Ct in Riverview
Spider cracks in 10 year old stucco on wood framed house.
Vicinity of Oak Forest Dr in Riverview
Need to have a precast concrete stoop leveled
Vicinity of Wellman Drive in Riverview
Garage ceiling have stress crack / a bedroom ceiling where the fan have stain from water damage / patio ceiling need to replace with new drywall
Vicinity of Holly Cone Dr in Riverview
Cracks in driveway. One is new. I feel it is a little more then your hairline crack. We bought this house new in 2005.
Vicinity of Graham Yarden Dr. in Riverview
I had a water purification system installed at my home. The area where they dug the hole is right next to the house. There is now a gap forming in that area under the house. I don't know if it's from the water or what it is.

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