Work Requests in Clearwater

LRE Restoration Services, LLC is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Clearwater. Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC's recent work requests in Clearwater and nearby areas!

Learn more about LRE Restoration Services, LLC'S recent work requests in Clearwater, FL
Vicinity of Vista Way in Clearwater
Looking for 9x11 shed foundation and 8x14 patio slab
Vicinity of WOODRING DR in Clearwater
Concrete Slab
Vicinity of Campus Drive in Clearwater
I'm looking to get a 12 by 21' slab poured
Vicinity of MANOR BLVD N in Clearwater
I need a quote
Vicinity of S Ridgelane Cir in Clearwater
Recent - last two weeks - dramatic cracks in and on outside of house
Vicinity of Patrick Ct in Clearwater
My house is cracking out and in, house has been build 1998, we think it's foundation issue
Vicinity of Croydon Dr in Clearwater
It's a patio slab that measures 11'x25'x4" & 22'x18'x4" (slabs will run into each other)
Vicinity of Sunburst Court in Clearwater
Recently purchased 1939 era house that at some point in the past the foundation shifted a bit. We are looking for a recommendation on whether to repair or not and, if recommended, an estimate on the cost of stabilizing the foundation.
Vicinity of N Washington Ave in Clearwater
Please call after 12 noon. My shed has been converted into a finished office/utility/guest space. I have built more into pillars that cannot carry the weight and the structure is slightly sinking on one side. The structure is 12x22 in its entirety and is located in my back yard off my deck. It is a permitted structure.
Vicinity of Nursery Rd in Clearwater
We are GC and our client needs to repair pavers and steps. I need someone to go at the site, check and assess all the work to be done and send us a quote. Any details just call me.
Vicinity of Saint Charles Drive in Clearwater
Pool deck repair
Vicinity of South Glenwood Avenue Clearwater FL USA in Clearwater
Adding on to existing driveway
Vicinity of Brookstone Way in Clearwater
Old cement patio needs make over
Vicinity of Wood Drive in Clearwater
Concrete piers in crawlspace are built with blocks on their side. I can see through the block. It was recommended that this be repaired as it may not be correctly installed. Looking for advice as to if this is necessary to replace and if so, cost.
Vicinity of Pleasant Pkwy in Clearwater
Settling and foundation issues home has past history of issues
Vicinity of Fairwood Lane in Clearwater
Sidewalk and front patio ares
Vicinity of South Evergreen Ave. in Clearwater
One corner of my house has settled a bit, and I'd like to see if it is necessary to fix and what it might cost to address before I replace some windows and drywall.
Vicinity of N Saturn Ave in Clearwater
Need quote to remove and pour new 20'x30' concrete driveway.
Vicinity of Overlea St. in Clearwater
Concrete floors are not level
Vicinity of Dodge Circle in Clearwater
3panels of my sidewalk have sunken down. Realtor suggested I get them leveled
Vicinity of Lakeview Rd in Clearwater
1930's house on a crawlspace. 900 sqft. Looking for estimate to fix foundation.
Vicinity of Anthony Ave in Clearwater
Need repair to correct 1" drop in pool deck
Vicinity of Milton Street in Clearwater
It appears that a portion of the floor in my house is starting to sag a bit. It's a wooden frame house built up off the ground. Would like an estimate on getting this repaired.
Vicinity of Ashton Abbey RD in Clearwater
Driveway slab in front of my garage is not level
Vicinity of East Dr in Clearwater
One room in house has sunken in a corner. I had the exterior wall cracks fixed but 9 months later it is just starting to crack again. Originally thought crack/sinkage was due to an unsupported fuel tank hung on exterior wall but since repair did not work figure it it needs support below.
Vicinity of Whisper Lane N in Clearwater
We have a large crack along the back of our pool deck
Vicinity of in Clearwater
Have a relatively small sinkhole undere the concrete slab of my sunroom. It's not big at present but should be taken care of before it really becomes a problem. It's about 2 1/2 Feet by 3 feet and is 6" or so deep or deeper. It is slowly goring. Probably needs a foam or similar material leveling agent/ Please call when you get the opportunity. THANKS
Vicinity of Ashland Terrace in Clearwater
Pool deck settled due to broken pool service pvc pipes - pipes repaired.
Vicinity of Abbey Crescent Lane in Clearwater
My concrete sidewalk is tilted to the side, collects rainwater leading to front door.
Vicinity of Marilyn Drive in Clearwater
The back bedroom and hallway are slanting. My house has a crawl space.
Vicinity of South Duncan Ave in Clearwater
I have a footer on the corner of the house that broke years back and that corner sank, that corner has been shore up to prevent future sinking, but the house never was leveled. I would like an estimate to see what can be done to correct this.
Vicinity of Overlook Pl in Clearwater
Small area and walkway may need replacing with Pavers inside my front gate.
Vicinity of Sandy Ridge Drive in Clearwater
Uneven pool deck
Vicinity of Franklin St in Clearwater
Floor settlement in the living room
Vicinity of Pineview Ave in Clearwater
I would like to have a quote for mudjacking the walkway in front of my house Thank you for your answer
Vicinity of Buckhorn Drive in Clearwater
Corner of pool deck and part of patio deck are sinking.
Vicinity of Linwood Dr in Clearwater
Possible foundation problem in master bedroom. Two cracks in bedroom wall.
Vicinity of Sequoia Drive in Clearwater
I have a walkway that has one slab lower than the others. Water collects there. Can this be repaired with polylevel?
Vicinity of Overlea in Clearwater
We have a support beam that is in need of repair and pass inspection
Vicinity of Riviera Dr in Clearwater
The screen porch pad is cracked and has dropped. We think it was due to erosion from water off the roof. The roof has just been replaced and gutters installed and the problem area has water draining away from it now. I'd like to get the pad leveled again. Hoping you can provide a reasonable solution. Thanks
Vicinity of Maple in Clearwater
Pool deck cracking needs repair
Vicinity of N. Belcher Road in Clearwater
We have a tilting column /planter in front of our building that needs to be brought back to level.
Vicinity of Calumet St in Clearwater
I have a commercial building with a large corner area approx 2000sq ft that is settling. Would like someone to come out and take a look.
Vicinity of S Pegasus Ave in Clearwater
Front walk settling and cracking. Need leveling and top coat repair quote.
Vicinity of Hillcreek Circle East in Clearwater
I need a concrete slab poured 5 feet wide by 6 feet, 8 inches long.
Vicinity of Poinciana Terrace in Clearwater
Concrete slab of patio has void areas from washouts from previous pool leak.
Vicinity of Marlo in Clearwater
Slab on Lanai has sunk on one end which affects roof on lanai
Vicinity of Williams Drive in Clearwater
Front sidewalk to house has raised and needs to be ground down to avoid trip hazard.... please call, or drive by and call me with quote.
Vicinity of K St. in Clearwater
Part of driveway up against house has cracked and is now sloped downward towards house. About a 6x5 foot section.
Vicinity of Geiger Ct in Clearwater
I have short sidewalk off the back of the garage (3 blocks) that is slanted towards the house and water is entering there when it rains. I would like it to slant away from the house.
Vicinity of Hyde Park Drive in Clearwater
Cracks around pool and on lanai
Vicinity of Cedar St. in Clearwater
We live in a two story wood frame house. We are noticing cracks and gaps between walls ceiling and baseboard especially in second floor. Would like to find out if it is structural or cosmetic and what we can do to get them fixed. Thank you!
Vicinity of Douglas Ave in Clearwater
This s not a sinkhole problem but an old home on a watershed. bad cracks and some pillars not supporting anything, big gaps maybe water undermined??
Vicinity of Laura Street in Clearwater
Soft spots in house. Do have termite damage.house been treated. May need reenforcing of floor joists?
Vicinity of Sandy Ridge Dr in Clearwater
Small amount of pool slab to rase
Vicinity of Mark Drove in Clearwater
Would like someone to look at my house and give me an estimate for repair
Vicinity of Ridgeway Dr in Clearwater
Backyard concrete, rear driveway and minor front driveway
Vicinity of Grove St in Clearwater
Concrete piers in my house which has a crawlspace needs to be replaced. Looking forward to your alternatives and solutions for the problems with the quotes. thank you
Vicinity of Redford Court West in Clearwater
Sinking section of concrete driveway
Vicinity of Countryside Pines Dr in Clearwater
Pool surface
Vicinity of in Clearwater
20 square feet of parking lot sank two feet, taking ashphalt. Require professional investigation and proposed solution.
Vicinity of Hillcreek Cir S in Clearwater
Section of pool deck has dropped an inch and needs to be leveled. Your company may have already inspected this property for this repair in response to a pool remodeling company. I know someone was here for a Polylevel solution but I do not have their info. I am asking for a direct quote and you may save yourself an estimating trip if you already have the info.
Vicinity of in Clearwater
I have a walkway that is uneven in two places
Vicinity of Crane Ter in Clearwater
There's an area on our back patio that has dipped down 3-5 inches over a length of about 5 feet.
Vicinity of San Bernadino Street in Clearwater
Over the past year, noticed stair-step crack on exterior wall of home.
Vicinity of Merrill in Clearwater
Driveway and fountain check
Vicinity of South Saturn Ave. in Clearwater
I have a crack the runs the lengh of the bedroom ceiling and cracks on exterior wall of same bedroom.
Vicinity of Windsor Dr in Clearwater
Our driveway has a big tree by it and it has cracked and shifted the driveway - can you help?? We are hoping not to have to replace driveway....
Vicinity of Hunt Lane in Clearwater
Cracks in my garage have continued to grow in length and width over the past ten+ years. Several small depressions have also formed in my yard over this period of time.
Vicinity of Masters Dr. in Clearwater
Foundation around pool sinking and cracked.
Vicinity of Warwick Dr in Clearwater
New pool construction enclosure
Vicinity of Morningside Drive in Clearwater
Two cracks in the foundation, one on each side of the house. Was found by home insurance company inspection, and I need to have them repaired to continue my insurance coverage.
Vicinity of Woodridge Drive in Clearwater
Armadillo burrows appear to be causing structural damage to property and potential sinkhole issue.
Vicinity of East Drive in Clearwater
I have a wall in the garage that bows and crawl space settling.
Vicinity of Jeffords St. in Clearwater
A geotech survey by Aradaman & Associates confirmed the presence of sinkhole activity on my property in March 2012. A scan of the report is available by email on request. There is no surface activity and only minor cracking compared with photos I've seen of damage in Pasco Co. After much delay, Citizens has extended coverage and told me to solicit bids for repairs. If we can arrange a visit in the next few days, I'll be happy to show you the property and discuss with you. Thanks.
Vicinity of Eagle Estates Cir S in Clearwater
Good Morning - I am having an issue in the SE corner on my home. I need a consultation regarding if it is the start of a sink hole or a foundation shift. It has visibly decreased up to ½ inch in the past 6 months. Thanks.

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